Plant-Based Ella

Nutrition Education: Workshops, Classes, Coaching

Hi! I’m Ella.

An elementary P.E. teacher by day and a passionate nutrition educator by night. I live in Rhode Island with my awesome family. Welcome to my website!

If you’re interested in improving your health or bringing this knowledge to your family, friends, team, co-workers, school, you get the idea, then you came to the right place.

I welcome your business! However, my ultimate goal is really to equip you with the tools that best fit you and your environment in order to regain or maintain your health. Whether that is done through one of my paid services, the free resources found on my resource page, or by attending some of the classes listed on my ultimate goal is to help you lead a healthier life. 


I provide a variety of virtual and in-person workshops, courses, and one on one coaching tailored according to your needs.


You can start your journey to a healthier lifestyle by checking out some of the free resources found here.


If you're interested in learning more, here is a list of upcoming workshops, courses and health conferences you can sign up for.